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Can Words Kill?

by J. David Bartenfield on 01/30/12

Close your eyes for five seconds and count…

One one thousand

Two one thousand

Three one thousand

Four one thouand

Five one thousand

That is the average amount of time it takes to send, or receive and read a text message.  At 55 mph you’ve just traveled the length of a football field.

In North Carolina it’s not only against the law to send a text message while driving but it’s also against the law to read a text message while driving.  It’s illegal to check your email or check-in to Facebook, Twitter, Four-Square or Linked-In while operating a motor vehicle.

Although exact statistics are not available, AT&T, the country’s second largest cellphone carrier, estimates 200,000 accidents a year are attributable to texting while driving.  These statistics are difficult to obtain because most people involved in car crashes are unwilling to admit that texting while driving caused or contributed to the accident.  And unlike car crashes involving alcohol there is no tell-tale odor or measurable intoxication alerting officers. 

And in many of these cases the offenders are dead.

So, yes.  Words can kill.

Don’t text and drive.


1. Neal said on 1/30/12 – 06:14PM
At 55 mph you actually travel 403.15 feet during a span of 5 seconds 🙂
2. David said on 1/30/12 – 08:48PM
Yeah. It’s actually closer to a 1 1/3 football fields traveled in five seconds at 55 miles per hour. Let’s say a football field and the endzones.




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