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What Is Texting While Driving?

by J. David Bartenfield on 01/20/12 It shall be unlawful for any person to operate a vehicle on a public street or highway or public vehicular area while using a mobile telephone to: (1) Manually enter multiple letters or text in the device as a means of communicating with another person; or (2) Read any […]

How Can A Lawyer Help?

If you have been injured in an accident, I have three primary goals for you. Answer your questions and put you at ease. Get you healthy. Maximize your settlement. I can help you get the medical treatment you need by finding the right doctors for your injury.  Insurance companies do not pay for medical treatment […]

What Happens if you’re Caught Texting While Driving?

Unless you are a school bus driver in a moving school bus or under the age of 18 getting caught texting while driving is an infraction and will cost you $100 bucks and no drivers license points.  If you are the victim of an automobile accident caused by a texting driver the statute does nothing to help you in […]

Can Words Kill?

by J. David Bartenfield on 01/30/12 Close your eyes for five seconds and count… One one thousand Two one thousand Three one thousand Four one thouand Five one thousand That is the average amount of time it takes to send, or receive and read a text message.  At 55 mph you’ve just traveled the length […]

Can You See Me (and my bike) Now?

by J. David Bartenfield on 02/03/12 Although a collision with an automobile is the greatest hazard cyclists face, there’s one reassuring bit of news:  the fact is, it’s a relatively uncommon occurrence.  Most accidents are in fact solo accidents involving a defect or some hazard on the road or trail.  Additionally, in most accidents, whether […]

Texting While Driving – The Triple Distraction

by J. David Bartenfield on 02/18/12 In my career I have represented thousands of automobile accident victims involved in car wrecks that did not have to happen and should not have happened.  I have seen more than a fair share of car crashes and the aftermath caused by distracted drivers and I have tried my […]

Chapel Hill Leads The Nation

Chapel Hill has encacted an ordinance banning any use of a cell phone while driving.  This is the very first such legislation in the country and will most definitely prevent needless injuries and save lives.  As of June 1, 2012 any use of a cell phone while operating a motor vehicle in Chapel Hill is illegal […]